Grant Call

SHF is a non-profit organisation, whose primary mission is to promote heart health and to prevent and reduce disability and death due to cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

With the establishment of our research programme, some funds will be made available to researchers to carry out projects which will help us achieve our mission.   While we are interested in a broad range of ideas, we are particularly interested in projects that will help the Foundation develop new programmes or evaluate/improve existing programs for the promotion of heart health. 4 of our main programmes include:

1. Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Wellness

SHF assists recovering heart patients and helps individuals at risk of developing heart disease to manage their condition. In this regard, the Foundation is particularly interested in how we can leverage on new media (such as online interactions) and mobile technologies to better engage the public in improving their own health.

2. Community Education

SHF regularly organises public lectures and mass education campaigns.  We are interested in the effectiveness of these programmes for promoting a change in behaviour, and also novel ways to provide education that will result in behavioural change.

3. Schools Programme 

Our aim is to instill healthy habits in children.  As part of this programme, we also believe in engaging young people through service learning/community involvement programmes.  One example is a health screening programme for elderly Singaporeans known as “Health Mapping Exercise”, which involves the provision of free basic health screening services to lower income residents living in one and two room rental flats.  We are interested in learning more about the benefits of this programme for both the individuals who undergo the health screenings, and also the students who participate as volunteers.

4. Heart Safe Programme 

We aim to improve the out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survival rate in Singapore, by creating an environment for more effective use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in the community.  The programme involves the provision of training and certification in the performance of CPR and AED. The effectiveness of such training; in terms of retention of learnt skills and confidence in carrying out CPR+AED, is of great interest to us.  In addition, we are also keen in studies which will tell us the most effective way to identify individuals who are most likely to retain such skills and the best time for CPR+AED training.

SHF believes that the results of high quality research will advance the aim of saving and improving the lives of people suffering from the ravages of heart disease. We support established as well as beginner investigators, and offer innovative funding mechanisms, including “seed” funds to promote research on heart health.

We would like to extend this invitation to all healthcare professionals, as well as professionals in the IT and mass communications line who are interested in conducting research in the cardiovascular field. All meritorious proposals will be considered.

Do keep a lookout on this page for any upcoming research grant call.

Thank you for working with us towards a heart-healthier Singapore!