World Heart Day is annually celebrated by member organisations of the World Heart Federation in 100 countries. It aims to increase public awareness and promote preventive measures to reduce the global incidence of cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke).

In Singapore, SHF has been celebrating National Heart Week since 1971. In 2000, the World Heart Federation launched World Heart Day. Since then, SHF has been annually celebrating World Heart Day and National Heart Week concurrently.

SHF believes that the step to healthy communities begins with healthy individuals and families. To achieve this, individuals must be educated and be aware of how they can lead a heart-healthy lifestyle. Through health checks, walks, runs, jump rope, fitness sessions, public talks, stage shows, exhibitions, supermarket tours and other heart-health activities, SHF hopes that everyone regardless of age will be empowered with the necessary information to begin and sustain their journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

In 2011, we focused on the family and home with the theme “One World, One Home, One Heart”.

In 2012, the theme was the same as 2011, but focusing on women and children.

In 2013, we encourage everyone to "Take the Road to a Healthy Heart"!