Under the CPR 3A (Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere) Programme*, SHF uses a user-friendly, time-saving device that aims to teach the core skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to get more people to learn this life-saving skill.

The new and improved Mini Anne CPR & AED Kit contains everything that is necessary for a cost-effective, self-directed educational experience that can be completed within 30 minutes, in the comfort of one’s home with family members, in school with classmates, in the workplace with colleagues, at a party amongst friends or with neighbours in a community club. The kit takes into consideration Singapore’s National Resuscitation Council guidelines.

Each Mini Anne CPR & AED Kit contains:

  • A personal, inflatable half-sized CPR manikin
  • CPR+AED Instructional DVD
  • CPR reference materials
  • A dummy AED 
  • A mock mobile phone
  • Accessories (spare lungs and disinfectant wipes for the manikin)

Through the Mini Anne CPR & AED Kit, SHF hopes to replicate the multiplier effect seen in Denmark and other parts of the world, where participants bring the kit home to train their family members.

This is all the more important because 70% of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests occur at home.

Learn CPR and protect your family now!

Want to learn CPR?

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* This is not a certification programme.