Heart4Life Phase 1

Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, Heart4Life is Singapore Heart Foundation’s new mobile application introduced to provide easy access to heart health information and help educate everyone on the importance of heart health.

Available for iPhones and Android phones, the first phase ofHeart4Life will emphasise on CPR and AED. This is necessary as the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims declines rapidly by 7-10% with each passing minute if nothing is done for the casualty.

Through interactive videos, quizzes and more, Heart4Life aims to increase awareness and knowledge of CPR skills amongst the general public.

There are a total of five key elements for the first phase of the app:

  • How to do CPR — This is an animation video showing the steps of CPR 
  • AED Registry — A comprehensive listing of the AEDs in Singapore 
  • Get Certified — More information about our CPR+AED Certification course, to encourage more people to be certified in CPR & AED
  • Heart Risk — This is a quiz to assess one’s 10-year Coronary Heart Disease risk score (based on the Framingham Risk Score which has been adapted for local use). One would need to know his/her total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and systolic BP
  • CPR Mode — Real life mode during an emergency, with a prompt for user to call 995

Heart4Life is not a substitute for completing the CPR+AED Certification course offered by Singapore Heart Foundation. For more information on the certification course, please click here.