Health Mapping Exercise (HME) is a service-learning programme that brings free basic health screening services to lower income residents living in one and two room rental flats.

We train students from junior colleges, polytechnics and universities on the non-invasive ways to conduct the screenings, before deploying them to serve the needy. Through this programme, students are able to see for themselves the importance of taking care of their health now, rather than later. They are also able to apply the knowledge learnt to take better care of themselves and their families.

Says Victoria Junior College student Ipsita Mohapatra, “It is fulfilling and I feel good after being able to give back to society.”

SHF has identified areas to health map over the next three years and schools interested to participate in this meaningful service-learning project can email [email protected]

Corporations looking for a CSR project with a difference are also most welcome to send in their queries.

Click here for the latest Health Mapping Exercise schedule.