Developing healthy habits early in life, can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and future serious health issues. Therefore, the Foundation believes in collaborating with Primary and Secondary schools to cultivate holistic heart healthy habits in our children today, through the following initiatives:

With the generous sponsorship of BP monitors from Omron, students are able to participate in an engaging learning experience. Here is a video from them on the importance of screening your blood pressure regularly.

Both programmes are FULLY SPONSORED with complimentary health talks + practical sessions on proper blood pressure measurement!

Bring these benefits to your school now and join us in our journey towards a heart healthier nation! For more information, please email bp_initiative@heart.org.sg or call 6354 9372 / 378.


BP Initiative @ Schools

Blood Pressure Initiative @ Schools is a 1-hour programme that is suitable for upper Primary school students, as we believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet should start from a young age. The key objective is to inculcate in students the awareness of good blood pressure readings as important numbers in their lives, and to motivate positive behavioural changes towards better heart health. 


Blood Pressure Matters

This workshop is designed for Secondary school students and youths at-risk, because early prevention is crucial. Participants will benefit from understanding how having an unhealthy weight can lead to several health issues, including high blood pressure and heart health problems in adulthood. Various ways of adopting a healthy lifestyle & eating habits will also be discussed. Students will be empowered to recognise that having a healthy blood pressure does matter!