No donation is ever too small to make a difference.

Thank you for considering making a gift to the Singapore Heart Foundation.

You can choose how you want to donate to SHF.

If you wish to make a meaningful impact through recurring donations, you may wish to make a monthly contribution of an amount that you are comfortable with through interbank GIRO or credit card.

You can also opt to make a one-time donation through credit card, GIRO, cheque, AXS or online.

Whatever way you choose, your donation will qualify for a double tax deduction. We welcome all donations and ensure transparency and accountability for all the donations that we receive.

Your donations will go straight to the heart of the problem – enabling us to fight against heart diseases and stroke through our lifesaving programmes.

The Singapore Heart Foundation relies solely on public generosity to sustain its lifesaving programmes, so your support means a lot to us!

“Giving to those in need will bring more joy than money could ever buy”