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Teaching points to note and consider
  • Rope jumping is a demanding aerobic activity. Gradually increase the intensity and duration over a period of lessons.
  • Warming up and cooling down are most helpful; guide students through safe stretching exercises of major muscle groups.
  • Avoid a competitive environment and the use of competitive routines and rhymes where students are eliminated and inactive for periods of time
  • Strive for maximum participation during the lesson time available
  • Recognise that at different ages students will demonstrate considerable differences in their skipping proficiency
  • Wherever possible and appropriate use up-tempo music to accompany skipping routines. "Up tempo" music means music:
    • with a strong and steady beat
    • about 125 to 140 beats per minute is about ideal
    • with intelligible and non-objectionable lyrics
    • with age appropriate lyrics
  • Rope jumping may not be for everyone so it may be useful to consider simple games with hoops, bean bags, and sacks for the students who have difficulties with skipping
  • Teach an "endurance" skip at some stage in the programme (10 minutes) to prepare students for Jump Off
  • Try to avoid "line-ups" in rope skipping lessons. The use of learning stations and group work maximizes student participation
  • Skipping is not only for girls! Many top sports persons, such as tennis players, boxers, basketball players, skip to improve the speed of their footwork. Rope skipping is an ideal activity for sports persons.
  • The students who make mistakes should be encouraged to work on their mistakes. Avoid having them "sit-out" whilst others continue or, becoming the students who only turn the long ropes for the other students
  • Lessons should include as much as possible needed periods of low activity (such as rope twirling) and rest. This will lessen any risk of injury through repeated jumping.
  • Ensure that students are working at their own levels and working progressively through the skills

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