Looking for a highly engaging, interactive cooking team building experience that weaves into your company objectives? This challenge provides an exciting and innovative way for team members to work together by planning and cooking a gourmet heart healthy meal which they then share. Our chef will create a memorable culinary team building challenge that will be coffee break chatter for a really long time. Let’s Bond! Culinary Challenge begins with a nutrition talk by SHF’s resident dietitian, who will expound on the what, why and how of healthy eating. After the classroom session, the chef takes over by demonstrating how to cook a healthy meal and furnishes participants with the necessary culinary skills to tackle the challenge ahead. Your group will be divided into teams and will compete against each other in a fun food team challenge against the clock. After the challenge, everyone leaves with the memories of a great time in the company of old and new friends and with newly learnt culinary skills. Our objectives include getting to know each other, bonding, collaborative working and most importantly, fun!