For Diabetics

For diabetics

Where diabetics are concerned, weight management has traditionally been implemented through a strict no-sugar diet. Increasingly, however, dietitians are advocating a heart-healthy meal plan instead. This combines the conventional emphasis on minimizing the intake of sugar and sweet foods with the more recent goal of improving diabetics’ blood lipid profiles. Thus, diabetics who are seeking to lose weight or maintain their weight within a healthy range should:

  • cut down on their sugar intake – for instance, by drinking plain water instead of sweetened drinks, substituting sweet desserts with fresh fruits, and replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame) as much as possible;
  • minimise the saturated fat in their diet – this can be done by replacing hydrogenated fats (for example, lard, ghee) with poly- or monounsaturated fat such as corn oil or canola oil;
  • eat more fibre, especially soluble fibre, so as to lower their levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels – for instance, by taking wholegrain bread instead of white bread, and brown rice instead of polished rice.

With a doctor’s referral, diabetics may also obtain specialised professional advice on weight management at the following institutions:

Alexandra Hospital
Diabetes Centre
Tel: 6476-8828
6379-3838 (24h hotline)

Changi General Hospital
Diabetes Centre
“Skills for Life: Diabetes” programme
Tel: 6850-2310

Diabetic Singapore
Tel: 6564-9818/9819 (Jurong West centre)
Tel: 6398-0282 (Boon Keng Road centre)

Singapore General Hospital
Diabetes Centre
Tel: 6326-5570