National Heart Week/World Heart Day 2021 Virtual

Over 90% of Singaporeans consume 9g of salt a day, almost double the recommended amount of 5g. Overconsumption of salt can lead to high sodium levels in the body and result in hypertension after a prolonged period. This year for National Heart Week/World Heart Day (NHW/WHD), we spotlight the sodium issue through various engaging, entertaining and educational virtual activities held over three weeks from 18 Sep to 3 Oct.

Launch of NHW/WHD 2021 Virtual

“Early detection and timely treatment are important to reduce the risk of severe complications like a heart attack or stroke,” said Guest of Honour Ms Rahayu Mahzam, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, at the launch of NHW/WHD 2021 Virtual, where she also encouraged the public to do regular health screening and take part in the NHW/WHD 2021 activities to kickstart a heart-healthier lifestyle.

Down with Hypertension Programme

A total of 339 participants took part in the new “Down with Hypertension” programme, where they learned techniques for blood pressure measurement at home and tips to reduce the risk of hypertension. A session was also conducted in Malay to reach out to the Malay/Muslim community, which has a higher prevalence of hypertension in Singapore.


Featuring SHF’s lovable mascot Hugo, the single-player online game Hugopoly was created to entertain and deepen the public’s heart health knowledge. Players took part in heart-health quizzes as they moved around the board and gained points to redeem attractive prizes like Philips Airfryer, Polar Unite Watch, Fairprice vouchers, etc. A total of 435 players participated in the game through the campaign period.

Sodium x Hypertension

Do you know the sodium in your food?

The National Nutrition Survey in 2018 revealed that our daily average salt intake was 9g – roughly 1.5 teaspoons – almost double the recommended amount of 5g. This was largely contributed by salt, sauces and seasoning added during food preparation. Do you know which foods are the culprit? We put four of our staff through a taste test to guess the amount of sodium in our everyday food so you can make smart choices. The hidden sodium content in some of these foods will shock you.

We’ve got you covered from eating out to dining in. Read our articles 10 saltiest hawker dishes in Singapore and Hidden sodium in your pantry to eat smart and shop smart. And if you have a salt habit that you’d like to quit, good news – you can do that easily in less than a month. Check out practical tips in the article 3-weeks regime to reverse salty taste buds.

Health Talks

SHF Chairman and Cardiologist Prof Tan Huay Cheem, Assistant Principal Physiotherapist Ms Chan Pui Yee and Dietitian Ms Natalie Yeo at the health talk “Shake the Salt Habit to Lower Hypertension”, where they shared professional advice on reducing the risk of hypertension through diet and exercise. Cardiologist Dr Mak Koon Hou also answered questions on heart conditions in the health talk “#AskMeAnything on Heart Health“.

Cooking demo

Nutritionist Charlotte Mei in a low-sodium cooking demonstration streamed live on SHF’s Facebook and YouTube pages on ways to season and flavour your food while keeping an eye on sodium.


Can you imagine whipping up Air-fried Paprika Chicken and the Oat Salmon Fingers without a pinch of salt? Eleven home cooks took up our #NoSaltChallenge, and these are just some of the recipes they created with herbs and spices in place of salt. Now, over to you!

Go Red for WHD 2021

Thirteen famous buildings and landmarks in Singapore illuminated the city skyline in red to mark World Heart Day between 29 Sep and 3 Oct in support of the global movement. The colour red is a symbol of heart health while serving as a warning to look out for the red flags of cardiovascular disease. Enjoy these photos from active Singaporeans who have pledged to care for their heart in our social media contests!

A big thank you to all our National Heart Week/World Heart Day 2021 Virtual partners and sponsors, Amgen, Aukey, Bion, Boehringer Ingelheim, Captain Oats, Creative, Eu Yan Sang, FHCARE, Gardenia, Golden Circle, Good Salt, MARIGOLD HL Milk, National Heart Centre Singapore, National University Heart Centre, Singapore, Nestle Omega Plus, F&N NutriSoy, Polar, Royal Umbrella and VITAPLUS Benecol for making this event a success.