National Life Saving Day 2022: Protecting Our Future

Paediatric bystander CPR rates in Singapore are lower than adults’ as they are thought to be more complex, hence deterring untrained bystanders from providing help when they witness an emergency. Instructors and accredited training centres play an instrumental role in transforming attitudes towards these life-and-death situations. This year, at the National Life Saving Day webinar, we refreshed CPR+AED instructors’ knowledge on infant resuscitation so that they are ready to pass on these skills to their course participants.

Singapore Heart Foundation Board Member Clin Assoc Prof Ching Chi Keong gave an opening speech commending the collective resuscitation efforts to raise Out-of-Hospital-Cardiac-Arrest survival rates and highlighted the need to increase awareness of infant first aid in our community. He noted that the rescue breathing technique could be complex for a layperson to master in a day’s course and shared how SHF will be gearing up caregivers for any emergency.

SHF introduced the infant CPR kit, which includes an inflatable infant manikin that learners can use for repeat practices at home or take on the go.

The hour-long webinar for CPR included presentations and Q&A by guest speakers from the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital – Senior Consultant and Clin Assoc Prof Gene Ong, Nurse Clinician Sister Chang Chai Mei and Assistant Director of Nursing Sister Giam Poh Eng, who stressed the importance of rescue breathing during infant CPR and shared tips that instructors can impart to their learners.

Cheers to the over 200 lifesaving instructors who had their skills refreshed at the event and for continuing to give our people – both young and old – their best chance in life!