SHF 50th Anniversary

This year, Singapore Heart Foundation celebrates 50 years of caring for your heart.

Established in 1970 as the Singapore National Heart Association (SNHA) by a group of 13 cardiologists and philanthropists, the primary role of the Association in those early years was on educating the public about heart disease and its related risk factors. This was carried out against the backdrop of a high incidence of mortality caused by coronary heart disease.

In 2003, SNHA was rebranded as SHF to put in place a fresher and more vibrant identity.

While community education remains a key mission over the years, SHF also started pushing for life-saving initiatives and providing aftercare for heart patients. In this respect, SHF now conducts regular CPR+AED training courses, and runs three community-based cardiac rehab centres in Singapore, bringing rehabilitative care for recovering heart patients nearer to home. Financial assistance is also given to needy heart patients for emergency relief and treatment through the funds we raise.

Thanks to great support from the public, government bodies and generous benefactors, SHF can continue to carry out its increasingly important mission in saving lives and promoting heart health in Singapore and the region, flourishing into a well-established, reputable social service agency.

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In recognition of this grand occasion, we are excited to introduce events leading up to our Anniversary: