Singapore’s first female CPR manikin vest

CPR+AED is usually taught with a CPR manikin of the male physique, and trained lifesavers are primed to perform CPR+AED on males compared to females.

“So what should I do if the casualty is a woman?”
“Will I be sued for touching and exposing her chest during the resuscitation process?”

These are questions commonly raised by participants of CPR+AED training courses. And indeed, according to findings from the 2020 “Knowledge, Attitude and Practice survey on CPR+AED” commissioned by the Singapore Heart Foundation and Singapore Civil Defence Force, 6% of respondents quoted “fear of being accused of molestation” as a deterrent to performing CPR on a stranger. Such fear may create a gender gap in life-saving that is unfavourable for cardiac arrest casualties. Their chances of survival drop by 7-10% for every minute they do not receive CPR.

With this in mind, the Singapore Heart Foundation developed the female CPR manikin vest to help community first-responders get accustomed to doing chest compressions around the female breasts and pasting the AED pads with minimal chest exposure.

Made of neoprene material and comes with breast padding, the female CPR manikin vest is the first of its kind in Singapore and fits most manikins in the market. Learners can expect to practice performing CPR+AED skills on the vest when they sign up for our training programmes.

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