Project Heart 2019

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Target Audience

Project Heart 2019 is open to all members of the public.

Event Details
Event SHF Project Heart 2019
(in conjunction with World Restart A Heart Day and Survivor Awards)
Date 12th October 2019, Saturday
Time 1st session: 9.00am to 1.00pm
2nd session: 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue Singapore EXPO, Hall 7
1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150
Registration Fee Complimentary for all registered participants, who will receive a goodie bag (worth $60) each.
Target Crowd Estimated 1,000 pax (500 pax per session)
Event Highlights
  1. Launch of the AED Primary Care Initiative
  2. AEDs are commonly installed in the community, which includes housing estates, condominiums, community centres and shopping malls. However, less than 10% of General Practices (GPs) are equipped with an AED within their clinic. GPs are a good resource for medical emergencies in the community, and we believe that there is a potential for primary care clinics to have an AED onsite. We hope to have at least 50 GP clinics who can join this programme. To encourage more participation, SHF will provide 2 complimentary BCLS+AED certification training for each AED installed.

  3. Survivor Awards Singapore 2019
  4. In conjunction with World Restart A Heart Day, SHF will support the Unit for Pre-hospital Emergency Care’s (UPEC) Survivor Awards Ceremony, which recognises and appreciates laypersons and pre-hospital providers for their outstanding efforts in playing a vital role in resuscitating cardiac arrest victims.

    Survivors of cardiac arrest and their families will also be invited to the ceremony to show their appreciation for those who helped to resuscitate them. The rescuers, who helped perform CPR/defibrillation, dispatchers who initiated CPR/defibrillation, fire fighters and paramedics involved in the resuscitation, will all receive a Certificate of Commendation and appreciation for their lifesaving efforts.

  5. Singapore Book of Records
  6. Since 1st June 2019, the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) has set a new assessment criteria for all CPR+AED certification training, using technology to measure chest compressions quality as part of the passing criteria.
    To ensure training quality, the Brayden Pro “manikin technology” will be used to provide trainees with real-time feedback. There will also be a detailed post CPR training summary with quantitative data of the key CPR parameters outlined in the SRFAC guidelines, such as compression depth, compression rate and hand position. In accordance with the latest SRFAC guidelines, instructors will only be able to certify trainees based on their quantitative data collected during the assessment.