Commit to be Fit

Former Minister of State, Mr Teo Ser Luck, shares with us his weight loss journey

  1. When did your weight become an issue?
    When I was living overseas and working on my businesses, I weighed more than 85kg and my waist measurement was over 35 inches. The doctor said that with all the excessive drinking and eating, my body age was much older than my chronological age. He warned that if I did not take good care of my health, everything will give way soon.
  2. What was your light bulb moment that pushed you to lose weight?
    It got increasingly more difficult to pass my IPPT in the army and once, I nearly blacked out just after climbing one short flight of stairs. That was when I decided to get serious about living a healthier lifestyle.
  3. What was the biggest struggle in your weight loss journey?
    The biggest struggle for me was not achieving the results that I expected and I was also unsure if I was doing it right.
  4. How much have you lost so far? How long did it take?
    My weight is around 70 to 72kg now. It took me one year to lose 15kg.
  5. What keeps you motivated, at times when you don’t feel as disciplined?
    I sign up for running events and triathlons. After awhile, the good habits kick in and you begin to adopt the healthier lifestyle that forms you as a person. Today, I still wake up at 5am to workout for 2 hours.
  6. How has your weight loss improved your life?
    My weight loss has given me greater confidence, higher productivity at work and I feel energised at every moment.
  7. What do you do to stay heart healthy?
    My personal formula is 70% nutrition and 30% workout.
  8. Lastly, what are some tips you can share with our readers?
    Focus on eating right. Always set a target and consistency over volume, meaning even if you have only 10 minutes, do some workout rather than none at all. It is not how much time you spend, but rather how regularly you do it.

Photos courtesy of Mr Teo Ser Luck

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