Evening workouts may reduce men’s blood pressure

Hypertension affects roughly one billion people worldwide and is responsible for 8 million deaths a year, mostly from cardiovascular causes like heart attacks and strokes. A recent study has found that evening workouts for men are associated with a meaningful reduction in blood pressure. The research was based on a 10-week experiment with hypertensive men who cycled three times a week for 45 minutes either in the morning (7am to 9am) or in the evening (6pm to 8pm).

Findings revealed an average decrease in systolic and diastolic pressure of 8 mmHg (millimeter of mercury) and 3 mmHg respectively for those who worked out in the evenings.

Although exercise cannot replace medication to manage high blood pressure, these results suggest that men who do work out should try to do so at night. However, if one only has time in the morning, then a workout is still better than no exercise at all.

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