Exercising after the Circuit Breaker

As Singapore reopens and life enters the new normal, understanding what is safe has never been more important – or more confusing. Here is one question and answer from health talks that the Singapore Heart Foundation has held in the past few months, to help you navigate pandemic life safely with confidence.

For those who have not been exercising since Circuit Breaker, what can they do to get back into the momentum of exercising now?

First, what is the reason you stopped exercising? Is it due to the fear of going outdoor? A recent injury? Lack of equipment, ideas, or motivation?

Everyone is unique and so are his/her life circumstances. Set simple and attainable goals to get started. For example, you need not achieve 10,000 steps a day, but can start small with 2,000 steps and slowly build up.Alternatively, you can add physical activities to your lifestyle like taking the stairs when possible. However, I encourage you to speak to your healthcare provider or have a consultation with our physiotherapists before you start a new exercise.

– Ms Virginia Tai, Physiotherapist, Singapore Heart Foundation

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