Exercising Outdoors this COVID Season

As Singapore reopens and life enters the new normal, understanding what is safe has never been more important – or more confusing. Here is one question and answer from health talks that the Singapore Heart Foundation has held in the past few months, to help you navigate pandemic life safely with confidence.

I jog every day and I noticed that many joggers do not mask up. Will I be subjected to higher risk of COVID-19 infection while jogging?

Exercise is very important, and I encourage you to continue your moderate exercise. If you are in an outdoor setting, i.e. a park, your risk of getting an infection is very low as you are not in prolonged contact with the people around you, but try to avoid the more crowded areas. I would encourage you to put on your mask if it is just for a moderate walk. However, if you are planning for a slow jog, it will be better to remove your mask as the risk of getting the COVID-19 infection will be low.

– Clin A/Prof Jack Tan, Board Member, Singapore Heart Foundation; Head of Cardiology, Sengkang General Hospital; and Deputy Head and Senior Consultant of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore

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