Volunteering from the Heart

As a social service agency with limited resources, SHF continuously recruits volunteers to help in administrative and office support duties, as well as onsite event support for community outreach and fundraising activities.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our fight against heart diseases! Our volunteers are of all ages and come from many walks of life. Dedicated and loyal, they serve as shining examples of community involvement and self-sacrifice heartline speaks to two such volunteers, Christine and Darius.

    1. How did you start your volunteering journey?
    2. Darius: I was looking for an organisation that I could volunteer or help with. My attention was captured by a notice from the Singapore Heart Foundation, looking for volunteer photographers. I volunteered for 3 consecutive events as a photographer and I found it very fulfilling. Subsequently, my wife Christine joined me as a volunteer too. Most of the time, she volunteers as an usherette. From then on, we would volunteer at SHF events whenever our time permits.

    3. How long have you been volunteering with SHF and why did you choose to volunteer with us?
    4. Christine: Darius and I started volunteering in May 2011. When I got pregnant in 2013, we took a hiatus as we were busy with our baby. But now that our baby is grown up, we have started to volunteer once again. We chose SHF as we see that there are many community-based events, in working towards a heart healthier nation.

    5. How would your friends describe you?
    6. This is what our friends have said:
      “Darius and Christine are both extremely generous, always willing to lend a helping hand to friends, families and their community. They not only give of their precious time doing volunteer work, but also share their blessings by helping the underprivileged children. We are fortunate to have them as friends!”

      “They are hardworking people, down to earth and always ready to help others in times of need. Truly an inspiration to us!”

    7. Why do you enjoy doing volunteer work and what experience can you share?
    8. When we volunteer, we think that it is our way of giving back to others. We feel so blessed that we need to find a way to be a blessing to others too.

      We enjoyed raising funds via the tin cans during SHF’s Hearty Flag Day. All donations went straight to the heart of the problem, by enabling the Foundation to fight against cardiovascular disease through its life-saving programmes.

    9. What is your advice to anyone who may be keen in volunteering?
    10. When you have the passion to help and commit to what you are doing for the community, the results are worth it and your impact will be much bigger. So sign up as a volunteer today!

    If you would like to volunteer with SHF, please email [email protected] or call 6354 9340.

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