SHF-Edwards Lifesciences Foundation Heart Wellness Centre @ Bishan

SHF has been providing heavily subsidised Phase 3 and Phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation since 2003. In 2006, the SHF Heart Wellness Centre was established. SHF is the only institution in Singapore that runs a structured community-based Heart Wellness Programme, including Phase 3 and Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation.

The SHF Heart Wellness Centre offers a wide range of facilities, equipment and multidisciplinary healthcare expertise to assist patients with heart problems and people at risk of developing heart disease, providing them with support for life-long maintenance of their exercise habits and risk factor modification.

The Centre also offers other Heart Wellness services including health talks, nutrition consultations, supermarket tours,  and social support from interaction with other heart patients.

Your Heart Wellness Team

At SHF, our physiotherapist will work with you on your exercise programme and our nutritionist will advise you on your diet. Health talks are held regularly by different health professionals including nutritionist.

The most important member of the team will, however, be YOU. No one else but yourself can make you exercise, or adhere to a healthy diet.

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Class Schedule

*Due to COVID-19, our sessions are for appointments only. Please call the centre at 6354 9348 / 6354 9363 if you need more information.

Our Fees

Cardiac patients and at-risk individuals enjoy a highly subsidised rate. Cardiac patients with limited resources who wish to join the SHF Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre can approach their respective hospital’s Medical Social Worker for financial assistance.

At-Risk Individuals
Registration Fee S$24 S$24
Exercise Sessions S$40 (10 sessions) S$40 (10 sessions)


Contact Us

For enquiries or to register with our Centre, please call 6354 9348 / 6354 9363 or email [email protected].

Alternatively, you can visit our Centre at 9 Bishan Place, #07-01 Junction 8 (Office Tower).

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