Community Education

Every day, 17 Singaporeans die of cardiovascular disease.

While cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) is 1 of the top 2 killers in Singapore and #1 around the world, this disease is mostly preventable. We recognise the importance of public education in increasing awareness on heart disease prevention.

Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Public Education Forum

Atrial Fibrillation (AF), a common yet potentially dangerous condition that affects roughly 1-2% of the population in Singapore, can increase the risk of stroke by up to 8 times.

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Heart Failure Public Awareness Forum

Statistics have shown that Asian suffer from heart failure approximately 10 years earlier than their Western counterparts, at an average age of 60 years old.

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Studies have shown that pet ownership, in particular dogs, help to reduce the risk of heart diseases, as dog owners are more likely to engage in walking and physical activities.

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SHF organises various awareness campaigns to reach out to the community and spread the message of heart health.

Two of SHF’s signature events are:

National Heart Week / World Heart Day

World Heart Day is annually celebrated by member organisations of the World Heart Federation in over 100 countries.

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Go Red For Women

The Singapore Heart Foundation launched the Go Red For Women campaign in 2005 to bring home heart health messages to women in Singapore.

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