Go Red for Women

Go Red For Women

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the No. 1 killer of women worldwide, accounting for the deaths of 8.6 million women each year – an average of one per minute. Yet, many women are unaware that they are as vulnerable as men to CVD.

Go Red for Women (GRFW) is an international awareness campaign initiated by the American Heart Association in 2004 to empower women with the knowledge and essential tools to take charge of their heart health. Together with its members, the World Heart Federation has taken the campaign globally to inform women worldwide that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is their No. 1 killer.

Locally, the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) launched the GRFW campaign in 2005 to educate women about the dangers of CVD, often a “silent killer”. In 2020, a heart health survey conducted by SHF revealed that only 9% of women in Singapore were aware that CVD is their leading cause of death.

Women take on multiple roles in life – managing a household, being the gatekeepers of their family’s health and striving for career opportunities while addressing the physical and emotional challenges from pregnancy to menopause. More often than not, as women balance the competing demands of family and work, they lose sight of their health and well-being. Many women are also unaware that they are as vulnerable to CVD as men.

Take the first step against CVD by learning the common risk factors and recognising the signs and symptoms.

The symbol of the campaign is a red dress: the dress is a universal symbol of women, while red is the colour of health, life, vibrancy and also a warning.

In short, it is not just a red dress – it is a red alert!

Take control now!

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