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What is this national registry?

The Registry for AED integration (R-AEDi), is the national registry of publicly accessible AEDs in Singapore that is managed by the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the Singapore Heart Foundation.​

With a growing list of more than 10,000 registered AEDs, R-AEDi is crucial to making more AEDs accessible to the public in a matter of minutes during a cardiac emergency.​

The registry can be accessed in real time through SCDF’s myResponder app, which uses a web mapping platform. App users are directed to locate the nearest publicly accessible AED from the site of the emergency.​

The more AEDs are registered into R-AEDi, the greater their visibility in times of urgent need. Join the national AED registry today and help to save more lives!

Membership Benefits

Businesses who have registered their AEDs with us can tap on the following benefits:​

Free Reminder Service​
We will send you free email reminders for pads and battery replacement 6 months before expiry date. ​

$200 worth of subsidies​
If your AED has been used in an emergency, you may receive up to $200 worth of subsidies for pads or battery replacement with our Public Access Defibrillator Incentive Scheme. Email us to enquire.​

Free Resource Guide​
AED Maintenance Guidebook – A handy guide to AED care and Company Emergency Response. ​
Download your copy here.​

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