Berry-licious Pancakes 黑莓美式煎饼

(Contributed by Ms Toh Yun Xuan, Nutritionist at SHF)

Serves 份量: 4 人份
Ingredients 材料:

  • Blackberries, 1 cup 黑莓,1杯
  • Raw egg, 4 whole 生鸡蛋,4粒
  • Baking soda, 1 tsp 苏打粉,1茶匙
  • Instant oats (uncooked), 1 cup 即食麦片(生),1杯

Method 做法:

  1. In a medium bowl, crush the blackberries.
  2. Add in egg, baking soda and oats into the bowl and start to whisk.
  3. Whisk till the mixture thickens and leave it to stand for 5 – 10 minutes.
  4. Place a pan over low to medium heat, scoop one small ladle of mixture, pour it onto the pan and smooth it out till you get a circular shape.
  5. Flip over after 2 minutes and continue with the other side for another 2 minutes. The pancake is now ready to be served!

TIP! 提示!
For bigger appetites, one may be able to consume up to 3 pancakes. Top with fresh berries for that extra boost of nutrients! For easier preparation, you can blend all the ingredients at one go.

Approximate Nutritional Analysis (Per serving) 每份量营养含量:
Energy 能量: 177.4 kcal 千卡
Fat 脂肪 (Saturated fat 饱和脂肪): 7.4g 克 (2.3g 克)
Protein 蛋白质: 9.1g 克
Carbohydrates 碳水化合物: 17.9g 克
Sodium 钠: 331.9mg 毫克
Fibre 纤维: 4.2g 克
Cholesterol 胆固醇: 177.5mg 毫克