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About Us

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The Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), formerly known as the Singapore National Heart Association (SNHA), is a social service agency at the forefront of the battle against heart disease in Singapore.

Since its inception in 1970, the Foundation has grown into a well-established and reputable organisation with local and international links.

SHF is a member of the World Heart Federation and has strong ties with other heart foundations in the Asia Pacific region. It has contributed to the inauguration of the International Chinese Heart Health Network and helped to launch the Asia Pacific Heart Network.

In 1998, SHF hosted the 3rd International Heart Health Conference which culminated in the Singapore Declaration on Heart Health. With increased support from the public, government bodies and generous benefactors, SHF continues to play an increasingly important role in saving lives and promoting heart health in Singapore and the region through its various programmes.

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Vision and Mission

To be a leading heart health movement and a household name in Singapore through educating and motivating the public, assisting those affected and supporting community-based research to better understand the landscape of heart disease in Singapore

To promote heart health, prevent and reduce disability and death due to cardiovascular disease and stroke

Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Enthusiasm and Passion
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Research and Innovation
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Sharing and Caring

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Charity and IPC Status

Charity Status
Charity Registration No: 00040
Charity Registration Date: 10 April 1984
Constitution: Society
Date of Establishment: 14 January 1970
ROS Registration No: 0136/1969 WEL
Unique Entity No: S70SS0007H
IPC Status
Renewed until: 28 June 2022
IPC No.: S70SS0007H
Sector Administrator: Ministry of Health

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Key Office Bearers

ESM Goh Chok Tong


Prof Tan Huay Cheem

Dr Tan Yong Seng
Ms Tan Lee Chew

Honorary Secretary
Mr Goh Chiew Seng

Assistant Honorary Secretary
Clin A/Prof Jack Tan

Honorary Treasurer
Mr Chong Chou Yuen

Prof Terrance Chua
A/Prof Ching Chi Keong
Mrs Elsie Foh
Dr Goh Ping Ping
Mdm Koh Teck Siew
Dr Bernard Kwok
Mrs Regina Lee
Prof May Lwin
Dr Mak Koon Hou
Mr Peter Sim
Dr C Sivathasan
Asst Prof Yeo Tee Joo

Dr Low Lip Ping

Prof Koh Tian Hai
Mr Liak Teng Lit
Mr Lim Soon Hock
A/Prof Lim Yean Teng
Dr Lily Neo
Mr Tan Kin Lian
Mr Wong Yew Meng

Mr Vernon Kang

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Corporate Governance

The Singapore Heart Foundation and its affairs are managed by the Board of Directors (BOD).

Policy for selection and recruitment of the BOD is guided by the EXCO/Nominations Committee’s Terms of Reference. The BOD is comprised of 12 elected members and up to 8 co-opted members that, within the limits established by the Constitution of the SHF, are appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Of the elected members, at least 3 shall be drawn from the medical profession, of whom at least one shall be a member of the Singapore Cardiac Society. There shall also be persons who are not from the medical profession.

The Board’s performance and effectiveness is assessed annually when individual members complete a self-evaluation checklist for submission to the Chairman for review.

The Board appoints and determines the terms of reference of the various Committees.

Community Education: To raise awareness on the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and motivate the public to make positive changes.

EXCO/Nominations: To provide direction for the Board and steer SHF to achieve its mission.

Finance & Investment: The FIC provides financial oversight on Singapore Heart Foundation’s financial management, financial controls and investments of assets. It conducts periodic reviews of the accounting and financial management procedures and assists the management team in solving problems and designing new procedures where required.

The Board has endorsed an Approving Authority Policy, which outlines, the authority conferred to the Office Bearers, EXCO, Committees, CEO, Directors, Head of Department, Managers, Senior Assistant Managers and Assistant Managers. SHF has in place a set of internal controls in key operational areas. These controls are reviewed from time to time to assess their effectiveness and relevance.

The Board approves the annual budget and is updated quarterly on the financial status of SHF.

A fixed-assets register is maintained to account for the acquisition, use and disposal of fixed assets. The assets are tagged, and physical verification of the assets is performed periodically.

Governance & Audit: The GAC assists the Board in reviewing the SHF’s system of internal controls, financial reporting processes, internal and external audit processes, as well as its enterprise risk management (ERM). The GAC reviews and approves the audit plans of external and internal auditors to ensure sufficient resources are allocated to address key business risk areas. Internal controls (both operational and compliance), as well as business and financial risk management policies, are regularly reviewed for their efficacy. These reviews, which may be carried out by external and/or internal auditors, are conducted at least once annually. The GAC appraises and reports these audits to the Board, advising the Board on the adequacy of disclosure of information, as well as the appropriateness and quality of the system of management and internal controls.

The SHF has established an enterprise risk management framework in 2018 which is aligned to the Code of Governance for Charities and Institution of a Public Character framework. As part of its risk management process, the SHF reviews and updates its risk register annually, and monitors its top-tier risks to ensure adequate control measures are put in place. These risks are identified and assessed against the SHF’s risk appetite. The GAC reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of the risk mitigation measures and control plans taken by the SHF’s management to ensure that the risk management is sound, and reports to the Board. Additionally, the GAC reviews conflict of interest declarations made by Board and Committee members which raised by the management team to ensure that directors comply with the Code of Conduct and recuse themselves from participating in any discussions and decisions on the matter and for such compliance to be duly recorded in the minutes of the meeting. The GAC also attends to all whistle-blowing feedback, seeing to their prompt investigation and follow-up by the management team.

Fundraising: To ensure that SHF would be able to raise funds to support needy cardiac patients and to sustain SHF’s on-going rehabilitation and community programmes.

Heart Safe: To equip individuals with CPR+AED skills and increase the accessibility of AEDs in Singapore through trainings and the Save-A-Life Initiative.

Human Resource: To ensure that SHF manages its human resources in a progressive, compliant manner, and in accordance with the delegated authority from the Board of SHF for all operational HR matters.

Heart Wellness Centre: Provide clinical oversight to the Heart Wellness Centre on all activities including research conducted by SHF’s Heart Wellness Centres.

Membership: The Committee assists the Board in implementing strategies and policies regarding the recruitment, engagement and retention of members to fulfill the Vision and Mission of the Singapore Heart Foundation

Corporate Partnerships: To ensure that SHF will only enter corporate relationships to provide meaningful mission-related benefits to the public or the SHF, but not solely or primarily for SHF’s financial benefit (except for sponsorships of fundraising activities).

PR & Communications: To promote SHF as a leading heart health movement and a household name in Singapore (in line with SHF’s vision)

Schools Programme: To educate school children on the importance of good blood pressure (BP) readings as important numbers in their lives and to motivate behavioural changes towards better heart health.

SHF Management Succession Plan: To ensure that SHF is prepared for changes in its senior leadership, either planned or unplanned, in order to maintain continuity in its operations and services, and to ensure SHF can adapt to the demanding and constantly changing environment to fulfill its mission.

This Committee is to assess the SHF’s senior leadership needs and to ensure the selection of qualified leaders who have necessary skills and are a good fit with its vision, mission, and goals. This Committee will align its work, where relevant, with that of the SHF HR Committee.

The term of office, criteria for re-nomination and re-appointment of SHF board members are reflected in the SHF Constitution. Nominations are made and elections held at the Annual General Meeting of SHF. Elected members hold office for a term of two years, commencing from the date of election. The elected members will elect amongst themselves the office bearers to hold office until the next AGM, provided that no person holds the office of Treasurer for more than 4 consecutive years.

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