Save-A-Life Initiative

The Save-A-Life Initiative is an ambitious undertaking by Singapore Heart Foundation, in collaboration with the Singapore Civil Defence Force, to improve Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) survival rates.​

Every year, about 3,000 people suffer OHCA in Singapore. On average, only 25.9% of these people survive OHCA, according to a 2018 survey by the Unit for Pre-hospital Emergency Care (UPEC).​

We can change this reality.​

When OHCA is witnessed, starting CPR+AED immediately has led to survival rates as high as 50%! The goal of the Save-A-Life initiative is to raise OHCA survival rates by improving bystander CPR and public AED usage rates.​

The initiative consists of 3 key components:​
1) Alerting volunteers to nearby cardiac arrest cases via the “myResponder” mobile app​
2) Building a National Registry of Publicly Accessible AEDs​
3) Building an Electronic Registry of Members of the Public trained in CPR​

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National Registry of Publicly Accessible AEDs

Join the National Registry of Publicly Accessible AEDs to help save lives. You can also enjoy membership benefits.

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“myResponder” Mobile App

Download the “myResponder” mobile app and get notified of nearby cardiac arrest cases.

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Knowledge Attitudes & Practices (KAP) Survey 2020 Results

Find out more about the KAP relating to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) and CPR+AED

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