Schools Programme

Promoting heart health is the main thrust of the Singapore Heart Foundation’s (SHF) work. We strongly believe that educating and empowering the young, is critical in helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

With the rising global incidence of childhood obesity, SHF also understands the importance of educating the young to take better care of their hearts.

To instill healthy habits in children, SHF works hand in hand with schools to encourage students to eat healthily and be physically active. Our schools programme are designed for all Upper Primary students up till Primary 6.

We also reach out to school communities which include teachers, staff and parents. SHF offers a myriad of services that aim to promote heart health in schools, while encouraging volunteerism through meaningful Service Learning / Community Involvement Programme (CIP).

BP Initiative Schools

BP Initiative @ Schools

Developing healthy habits early in life can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and future serious health issues.

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