Good Samaritan Initiative


Based on a survey that we have concluded recently with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on the knowledge, attitudes and practices towards CPR and AED among the general population, it was observed that one of the leading deterrents for not performing CPR on a stranger is due to the fear of being sued if the person dies. This finding is consistent with our results in 2016 as well.

Such fear is detrimental to the casualty’s survival rate, as it would delay/deter a bystander from performing CPR. For every minute that nothing is done to resuscitate the casualty, the chance of survival drops by 7-10%!

To create an environment that encourages members of public to render help during a cardiac emergency, SHF is collaborating with the Law Society Pro Bono Services to provide free legal consultations at their Community Legal Clinics, for those who face a legal issue arising from their resuscitation attempts.

For more information on the CPR+AED Certification Course, please call us at 6354 9371 or email [email protected].

If you face a legal issue arising from your resuscitation attempt and wish to seek legal advice but are unable to afford a private lawyer, you may contact Law Society Pro Bono Services at 6536 0650 to make an appointment for a free legal consultation at the Community Legal Clinics.

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