Heart Support Fund

Singapore Heart Foundation provides financial assistance to needy heart patients through the Heart Support Fund.

Mechanical Heart Device

Patients receive a 65-80% subsidy for the implantation of mechanical heart devices, using the Health Science Development Fund from the Ministry of Health. However, the balance cannot be paid using the patient’s existing Medifund.

Patients with financial constraints can apply to the SHF for help in paying for their mechanical heart devices. Examples of implantable devices for which financial assistance are given are ECMO, ABIOMED, THORATEC and HEARTMATE.

The SHF provides a subsidy of up to $20,000 to defray the cost of each patient’s mechanical heart device.

Heart Transplant

For patients undergoing heart transplant, they are entitled to the Heart Transplant Subsidy from the Ministry of Health. As there is a maximum cap on this subsidy, patients who are unable to settle the outstanding balance of their heart transplant expenses and subsequent follow-up treatment can request for additional financial support from SHF.

SHF will assist each heart transplant patient up to a maximum of $20,000.

Emergency Relief Assistance

Some patients are the sole breadwinners in their respective families. After being caught unawares by the sudden occurrence of their cardiac condition, these patients may be unable to resume their former jobs after treatment, and may face difficulty finding a replacement job. Others may also suffer a loss of income due to taking time off from work to attend cardiac rehabilitation programmes or routine doctors’ follow-up appointments.

To help such patients adjust during these periods of income loss, SHF offers emergency relief assistance. Under this scheme, SHF provides up to $800 per month for a maximum period of six months and, on a case-to-case basis, up to another three months for each patient following the treatment of their heart condition.

Application Procedure

Needy heart patients may approach their hospital medical social workers for help and the latter will facilitate the application for funds by writing to the Foundation.

For more details or to apply for financial assistance under the Heart Support Fund, please call 6354 9348 / 6354 9370 or email [email protected].